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Thread Sealer


Evening, I'm looking to bend, route my own lines on my T Bucket. The question I have is, am I to use any type of thread sealer on any of the threads when I bolt them up? This is my first of many questions as I'm just getting started.... Thanks in advance.

Your brake lines should have AN fittings and they won't require thread sealer. I did need to use a piece of thread tape on a brass fitting going to my brake light switch. Even then, it was only a little strip. Try without tape first. Idealy, you should not need it.
Paul, here's the trick to remember. Use thread tape on pipe fittings. Inverted flare fittings seal on the flare, as do AN fittings, so no tape is needed there. Pipe thread is the only place you need it, because the taper in the threads is the sealing sirface.

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