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Three new forum skins


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For those of you still looking for 'just the right look', I've installed three new forum skins.

If you scroll to the bottom-left of the page, you can now select Pro-Red, Pro-Blue or Pro-Green from the skin selector. I've been doing some work on a heavily customized skin for this site as well, but I'm still juggling colors around. I'll let everyone know when that one is ready to be unveiled.
Sweet :thumb: Green :gum:
Had to stick with the red. The print is darker on the background.

Mike, can I increase the font size on the threads. It's probably
right in front of me, but I guess I am lazy and ask first.
I really like the new skins but the light colored type makes reading the text difficult so I'm back to the IBSkin Red Pro. One of the problems with aging is that your eyesight suffers.

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