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Tilt Wheel In A T Bucket ??


New Member
i wanted to get a tilt column for my bucket
but the guy from total told me it wouldnt
i assume this is because there is no column
drop from the dash but im sure iv seen buckets
with tilt

so my question is

is the mounting plate at the bottom
strong enuff to support the tilt column ??
i think it is but im open to all sujestions
thanks in advance !!!
Mike, I have a Spirit Kit and I purchased a tilt steering column with my kit. If you check my gallery I believe I have a picture of it.

I don't see any reason it would'nt work as long as it's 13/4 diameter tubing.Flaming River sells one made for hot rods.Just don't be hanging on it.LOL
You would still need a column drop with a tilt, but that should'nt be a problem. Just mount your column drop to the back side of your dash.

Mike, On my previous bucket there was a tube column something like the total setup that was alful looking. There was a 3/4 piece of plywood fiberglassed to the firewall. We made a little bracket mounted it to wall and mounted the column bracket to it and steering column to it. It ended up being pretty solid & sturdy. I am going to do the same thing to my new bucket plus it adds a little strenght to the body. Maybe you can do something like this. Thanks Lar
In the stock column there is no column drop so i don't see a real need for a drop for a tilt one the bracket is mounted pretty solid to the floor also i made my own and welded the tube to the bracket just for that reason i didn't like the play in it.i can pull pretty hard on the column and it does not move abit.Just a thought guys.
Rick, the tilt column I used was made by ididit it was kind of heavy on the top especially with the wheel on it. I didn't try it without the column drop bracket so maybe it would work without. Lar
I have seen 3 cracked steel 'vair boxes over the past years and none of them had a column support. I always use a mount like tbucketlar described.

I have the Spirit with the tilt, and I just hung the drop from the back of the dash. It is alot more comfortable than having to reach for it. It's also got a floor flange, and seems very ridgid.

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