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Hello Gentleman, I'm a new guy to the world of T-buckets. I always wanted one and finally got one, pretty excited. I'm an old guy with a new hobby. I'm new to forums also(first post). Appears I have a lot to learn and with your help "it could happen". My first question if I may is about Hiem jionts. When I bought my "T" I found a broken joint on the front radias rod. It is chrome plated and I would like to replace with same. Problem is I can't find any. I've tryed on line with Speedway, Midwest, FK and some others, no luck. Any ideas would really be appreciated.
Anytime a harden piece of steel is plated there is the possibility of problems meaning it could crack or break. I understand wanting to replace it to match the others on the car but I would like to suggest using stainless steel. It can be polished to match and won't have the possibilty of embrittlement. Now where to get them, I am at work so I don't have access to my notes but here is one place Heim Joints and I believe that QA1 has them as well. They are not cheap but when you add up the cost of a good rod end and the chrome cost it gets close. One last thing getting the same style of end may be more of a problem as there are several styles of these things.

Welcome to the site Tony. As you can see already, you will find the answers to all your questions here. Now we have to get you to post some pics of your pride and joy.

hi tony,looks like you came to the right place huh? look at all the help you received in one day! cool place.JJ
Thanks guys for all the input, got some great ideas, I'm sure I can use what you've shared. You can see my experience level. I'll get a picture up soon as I take one and can figure how.
welcome tony :cry:
Welcome! As soon as you can please post some pics so we all can drool:D. Agian welcome to the forum you have already had one question answered, and there will be more.

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