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Trading paint


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A few weeks back a question of going rates for painting a bucket was asked. Well let me tell you I have been spending the last few weeks preping and to finily repainting mine (pic's will be posted soon) and with the new paint systems out there (the base coat clear coat) they have made it so much easyer for us to do it our self. We are building our own cars here and with a little reserch we can do a exilent job. This paint job I will have about $500.00 in it but the saticfaction of doing it myself is priceless. As you can tell I am proud of my self. Will be posting pics soon
I'm glad you're trying that and I'll be watching to see how it comes out. Good luck with it and there is nothing like doing something for yourself and having it come out right.
I painted all of ours except for the bodies themselves. Without a booth it is so hard to keep dirt and bugs out, and I was going for gloss black so I wanted it to be good. But if you lay on enough clear that you can buff it out it will come out great.

I worked at one time for a body shop, and the detail girl saved a lot of very bad paint jobs by wet sanding and buffing them. We had one of the best downdraft booths but still got dirt in them. When she was done they were perfect.


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