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Hi All

Class has been working on frame Mockups. Youngster’ frame is getting redone because of your lack of ability to run a tap measure. :eek: They built a simulated 4in drop axle out of pvc and attached some (CCR) batwings. 27in cutouts for tire should be done in the morning. Our or at least my question is : What is a typical (if there is such a thing) dimension from the front spring perch to the floor and what is a reasonable frame angle? I should have some more pics of progress to post tomorrow.
Student T-Bucket Build 2009-2010 slideshow by estesken - Photobucket
if your going to want the T low in the rear, you'll have to do something with that rear crossmember.. probably put some drop on it and mount the transmission tailshaft over it.

if your going for alot of rake in the rear it will work like you have it.. you just have to make a bracket like in the ccr plans.

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