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tube body sub frame


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question, would you consider buying a tube sub-frame for your '23 body with/without a door?

An insert for a '23 'glass body made of 16g 7/8"X7/8" tubing that you would glass inside the body instead of wood. also there wold be nut plates for items like windshield posts, door hinges, door latches, column mount and the seat riser. Simular to what Gibon and Wescott use in their '27, Model A, '32 and '33-'34 bodies.

That would be nice to have something solid to bolt some items to.
Sounds like a good idea. Your tube bender would make it easy to form the contours in the body. Would it be a single piece thing or multiple pieces? Would it be universal for all body makes or would you focus on one company?
It's just an idea so far. Maybe one piece as universal as possible. Can anyone else think of what might need to be included?

Something like this?

why dose it not surprise me that George is already there. nice work as usual!

what i had in mind would be more like this only out of square tubing with plates for windshield, door hardware, etc



at this point i'm thinking a 3/4" plywood floor would be 'glassed into the body first then the tube frame 'glassed in on top of it. square tubing would also provide a more suitable platform for a plywood inner liner. as der spieler as already pointed out to me, exspanding foam could then be used to fill the voids.

the thought behind this is to offer this in a package that could be easily shipped and to try to keep the cost affordable to everyone, say a $200 to $250 range. one piece would be nice but shipping becomes a problem then. looking at a 3 or 4 piece kit type thing now. most bodies differ diamentionaully so it would have to be designed to fit one spacific manufacter. most bucketeers are problem solvers so adapting to another manufacters body would be at the buyers option.

from the safty stand point the body could be bolted to the frame through the frame work so it would stay intact during a collision, plus a safty belt attachment feature.

so what do you think? would you buy something like this?:lol:


This is something I'm interested in. I think something like that would make it easier to hang the door on, make a stiffer body. I would definitely be interested in a universal one, the body is not a TP or Spirit.

yes Pete, that's pretty much it. that's the idea.

7/8" square, 16g tubing. that would make it easier to attach the interior.

after talking to people in the glass body industry today, i'm not worried about the expansion rates. buy using 16g tubing they tell me the rate isn't a factor. got some other facts, figures and offers too.

Just a quick pic on a shop here in NZ who is building inserts for tubs to comply with regulations.Seat belt mounts and all plus they are building a frame to accept doors.Beautiful work,check out the site.

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