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twin tube frame, ever seen one??

Vegas T

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I recently purchased a T from I guy in Cal. My father built one when I was a kid and I had to have one. My question is, every T I have ever see had a version of the 1-1/2"x3" boxed frame, but mine actually has a twin tube, mandrell bent setup. The tubes run parallel to each other (one on top the other spaced about 3" apart) Along the engine area from the body to the front end it has flat steel welded between the tubes I am assuming for extra strength and to allow for any brackets that were needed to be bolted easily to flat metal rather than tubing. Has anyone ever seen this before or know anything about these types of frames. I don't seem to get any bouncing or much flexing, just interested if anyone else has any input. Great site, you guys are really helpful and look forward to posting and trying to help when I can.
These frames work well in a t bucket. They were pretty spendy and that was their drawback. Drag Master co. comes to mind when I think of space tube frames. They do take some skill and equipment to build. Most people don't have the tooling needed to pull this off in their garage.

The rectangular tubing is readily available and much easier to use for most folfs.

I gotta tell you youngster, you are know your stuff. You are all over this place, I wish I had 1/2 your knowledge on these things. I had never seen one of these frames before and had know idea if it was good or not. I can see where I will need to fabricate a lot of parts since it's not easy mounting things like headlight supports to a round tube. Thanks again and I will checkout the maker further.
Street Rodder has been running a series over the last year using a similar frame design. Looks really slick.
Heres some I have done :D


Now that's something you don't see everyday. Looks cool.
a guy here in town built his tube frame way back in the early 70's. It was in the magazines way back then called Little Green Apple Got a badass blown 392 Hemi. He doesn't take it out too much. Wish he would. Would like to get some more pics of it. It's a wild car. Randy is a machinist and did all the work hisself. That dash is cool. Made the tunnel gauges out of Coke cans.

LKE, those are some nice frames.

This one isn't for a straight axle, but I like the look.


I've been considering a tube chassis for my Chevy, but I think I will stick with 2x3 for now, and make the frame an air tank.
LKE, I really like that frame. Nice work.


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