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I'm not sure how many of you use Twitter, but we've added some Twitter functionality to the forums.

If you will hover your mouse over the images below, you will see a graphic lesson on how to set your Twitter username up on the forums, so you can Tweet posts and threads.

In the NavBar above, click on the Quick Links and then selct Edit Options. See the left-most image below.

On the new page, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your Twitter username and password, then click on Save Changes. See the second image from the left.

Once you have saved those changes, you will now see some new options. If you look at the third image from the left, you will see how there is now a Tweet this Post link in the postbit of each post.

Last, if you look at the right-most image, you will see there is now a new option in the Thread Tools dropdown, so you can Tweet the entire thread.

If you happen to read a post or thread that you think others might be interested in, remember to click one of the two links to add the tweet. There may be someone following you on Twitter that will enjoy the link. It will also help build backlinks into the forum.

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OK, here is a bit more Twitter functionality for our Twitter users.

Look up in the NavBar and click on Quick Links and in the drop down menu, select Edit Your Details. Hover your mouse over the left image, below.

Scroll to the very bottom of the page and enter your Twitter username, then click Save Changes. Hover your mouse over the middle image.

If you follow these steps, your postbits on the forums will now display a 'Follow Me on Twitter' image that will link to your Twitter profile.

Now you can start networking with one another on Twitter!

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