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Ummmmm Morphine


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Thought I had a problem with a blocked vein in my leg,Turns out to be a
real bad infection ankle to groin where they cut some vein out during
the by-pass.
Half my left leg is red and I'm getting good antibiotics and

MORPHINE......I feel much better
going home tuesday or wednesday. Take care and be safe,Jim
Track im glad you r back these guys have been pretty routey while u were gone.
Track! glad to see your doing awell and will be back home soon. And remember, it's not DRUGS if you're taking it to heal, it's MEDS.

That being said, go easy on the MEDS.:D
It was my time to get it warm here....
Jim (Ex-Junk) will not come out of his house with the temp under
70* plus we have some northern rodders visiting and they expect
good golf weather.......

So by going into hospital when it is cold outside(under 50*)
it will please the weather and golf gods and we will have great
roadster weather.....

P.S. Don't think it so? ask Ex-Junk for the weather report for this week...:eek:
Get well soon and take as much meds as you need to.
Guess they be tired of me, Gonna send me home Tuesday eve.
I'll have to get the "shopping cart" warmed up at speedway
and spirit if I'm gonna make Lanoir in june.
My wife person told me "if we go, We WILL have a running car"

Meds have kicked in........Night all,Be safe
I bet you were ass grabbin' the nurses. Thats why they are sending you packing.:whistle:

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