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If any of you bother watching the forum membership numbers, you've doubtless noticed them dropping these last couple of weeks.

I've begun deleting accounts that have been established but not confirmed. I dropped 26 members last weekend and 17 more members were deleted this morning.

For potential members and members that have yet to confirm their e-mail addresses, be advised we will now be deleting accounts that have gone 7 days without confirmation.

If your name is on this list, you have not confirmed your e-mail address and your account is coming up to be deleted next -

Bondo Bob
gene w sanford
Norm Benton

If you cannot sort how to confirm your e-mail address, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page, using the same e-mail address you registered with.
Hey, I know Norm Benton! Lives in Kingman, AZ and has a nasty blown Hardcore 427 SBC in his yellow T. Hey Norm, if you're lurking, say "hi" to Dorothy for me! Sure miss those Margaritas!

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