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Underdash wiring

Track T-4

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I'm planning to put my main wiring under the dash. This will make work/maintenance a little more difficult since my T body doesn't have doors but this way I'll be able to use the space under the seat for some minimal storage (the trunk lid does not open). I believe at least one of the wiring vendors is offering magnetic and/or hinged fuse boxes that might make this a little easier and I might try something like that. What have others done to make this work?
I have all my wiring up under the dash, including the fuse block, MSD box, rev limiter and boost controler. I took some 3/4" plywood and made a mounting board and used some bondo to glue it to the inside of the firewall. Then just mounted everything to the plywood, with wood screws.
Perhaps these pictures will help. I simply mounted my distribution panel on some aluminum and hinged it so it drops down from the lower front of the dash. Since my cowl is stretched 6" you may have to turn your panel 90 degrees to fit in a shorter cowl.



Nice design Ex Junk. I'll probably use a combination of your design and RPM's bondo suggestion to avoid bolts through the dash and firewall. Thanks, guys.

I really don't like to Bondo things on I use "Corvette Panel Adhesive" a filler AND bonding agent.

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