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Update on build status


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Hi All, I have been off the site for some time so I figured I better see what up in T-Bucket land. I finally had a few days for myself over the holidays so I spent them in my shop working on the bucket. Here are some Pic's and there are some updated pics of my progress in my photo gallery. With luck, I will win the lottery and finish it for the summer. Well even if I don't win, I still hope to have it done for the summer.
Looking really good! If that engine is fresh, I'd try and locate some break-in headers... Those beautiful chrome headers might go blue in a just a few seconds on cam break-in time... I've donated a set that gets passed around but it's for SBC...

Only other note is if you are using non roller cam, but sure to add break-in additive! You probably all ready know all this, but I'd rather error on the side of caution...
looking really nice !
Great work. I like the colors you're using. What color is the body going to be covered in?
It looks like you're making some good progress, I really like your color choices.
Thanks Guy's, I'm really having fun putting this together. The engine is fresh and I have a set of stock manifolds for the tune. Plenty of assembly lube was used and I haven't made any decisions on which oils or additives to use. I am open to your suggestions. The body will be forest green effect, the same as the frame with flames the same as the engine. I do all my own painting so I'm thinking it will look ok but I can change as I go if I don't like it. Because of some great oppertunities, I have less then $5K invested so far. I'm hoping to finish up for under $7K.
JohnG said:
...I haven't made any decisions on which oils or additives to use. I am open to your suggestions...

I use Shell ROTELLA T SAE 15W- 40 because it has 1200 PPM ZDDP.


For flat tappet cam break in, add a bottle of CompCams #159

welcome back john!! don't make us wait for the next update. lookin really good!!

if you want to prevent your chrome headers from changing color from heat what you do is cover the inside of the header tubes with a good coat of grease and then run the engine run till the grease burns inside the header ( the grease cokes up) this will be a fine soot inside the headers as long as this coating of soot is in there the chrome wont turn blue etc.this is an old motorcycle and midget race car trick to keep the shiny stuff shiny
That's a great Idea, if the stock manifolds I have don't work out for the tune I'll give it a try. The guy I bought the parts from said he had the frame and front end built and chromed by some shop in Phoenix. This thing was a basket case when I got it and I had to change a few things that weren't put together correctly.

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