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I have just stripped my wife's T, and am going to give it a face lift. Same engine, trans, wheels, etc., but new paint and upholstery. I can do the paint (pink flames on white oyster pearl - pics to come later), but this time I am going to try my hand at upholstery as well. To do this I need an industrial sewing machine. I have been looking in the usual places, Ebay, Craig's List, etc., but used ones seem to be hard to find. Anybody have one they want to get rid of?

Just an idea for you......

I have a buddy who did all his own upholstery except the sewing. Sounds crazy but what he did was do all the layout and cut all his pieces. Then, every couple inches or so used a hand needle and "tacked" it together so to speak. Anyhow, it turned out perfect and all he had to pay for was the sewing which was very cheap.

Some fellas in a few of the car clubs in my neck of the woods have sewn there own interiors with a beefy home sewing machine. My wife makes quilts and has a Bernina sewing machine I bought her and it sews upholstery just fine, granted, it's a pretty beefy unit but ask around and find a lady who quilts and find out if she would be willing to try a sample to see how it sews. Then ask if she would like to help you out.

Just my two cents.

My ex girlfriend did an interior for my 27 about 10 years ago, and it turned out ok but was a bear to sew. She used her Singer machine and we bought heavy duty needles and nylon thread, but piercing the heavy vinyl was tough, slow going. They do make some relatively inexpensive machines that sailors use to do sails and covers for winches and all, and you can find these used sometimes. Check pawn shops.

409T said:
I have just stripped my wife's T, and am going to give it a face lift.

Must be my dirty mind in my old age, but when I read this, I thought we were going to be discussing breast implants. Sorry. :D

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