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Using a Mustang radiator????


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Hey guys. Has anybody here tried using an old mustang radiator on their bucket? I was pricing Model T radiators and they're obviously not cheap. But I was at my local junkyard Saturday and the guy had an old radiator from a '65 Mustang that was good and was only 20" wide. It's $50. Your thoughts.................................????
Ok, some guys will argue this, but there are a LOT of guys using these radiators on their T's.. They seem to work well, even with mild Big Block engines.
I have one in my T (still building) and I have an old Cadillac 390 engine. I run it frequently in the shop and I have no trouble cooling . I also run a 16" Perma Cool Electric fan with a metal blade.
I bought my Radiator NEW, I suugest if you get this Rad. that you have it checked out really good, those old Radiators are pretty rotten by now and it should atleast be rodded out and pressure tested...You may also want to swap the lower outlet depending on which engine your using....... "BH"
NAPA part # Modine 2301
Auto Zone # 433259

PS: just for information, a 70 Dodge Dart ( 318V-8) Radiator measures 18" wide X 22" tall and is supposed to work really good too...
I'm using Mustang radiators in two tbuckets and they have done very well. One is a BBC and the other a SBC. Both run between 175-185 degrees even on hot days. Be sure to get the 3 row radiator that was used with V8 engines. I got mine at Autozone and they were around $130. That was 4 years ago and they are probably somewhat higher now.
I have used both the Mustang and the dart radiators. They are both still in service after 12 and 16 years. I would guess the Mustang would be the cheaper of the 2. Don't buy the used one. The new radiator will be money well spent. The only drawback is that they look a little funny from the drivers seat. Maybe when you fab your shroud you could run it up to the shell to hide that gap.

i was thinkin the same . do you guys got some good pics of your radiator set ups with the darts and mustang radiators in them????
chopper tom said:
i was thinkin the same . do you guys got some good pics of your radiator set ups with the darts and mustang radiators in them????

I got a few pics of my Mustang radiator....But you guys would laugh at it so I won't post em...:eek:
Besides, it's not a chebby so it would jus confuse ya anyways..LOL :eek: "BH"
Thanks guys. I know that the one at my neighborhood junkyard has been pressure tested and is ok. Probably won't look quite as sharp as the new one from Autozone...which is still about $130 (checked last night). but then again I'm not sure I care about what it looks like. I might just go the cheaper route to get the car functional and buy a new radiator from PRC later.
i think i would do that with the radiator, buy the salvage one, and use it for mocking up, and then buy a new one when you get it going...

In a car, the radiator has nice fat rubber isolators(body mounts), in a T the radiator takes a tad more abuse, i think the old used radiator would give out on you pretty quick..
There are a couple pics of Mustang Radiators posted in the Tech. Answer forum at the NTBA site incase you want some ideas......."BH"
I recently bought a radiator for a 66 Mustang from Autozone and it ran $130. I'm having to weld small pieces of angle iron to the bottom so I can bolt it to the tabs on my Total chassis. It will fit nicely inside a slightly modified model A grill shell, with just a little extra room at the top. I decided to go this route after reading something about it here on the forum. I'll upload pictures as soon as the job is completed.
I have a mustang radiator. Drop shipped from an ebay purchase for $112 a few years ago. It is the three core, sits behind a chopped 32 grill shell and keeps my hemi cool.

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