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Verticle kick-up distance


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I'm getting ready to weld and connect the two sides of the frame together and want to be sure the kick up I have isn't a problem. I want the bodie and frame to have a pretty good rake so I shortened the kick up piece a couple inches. With the frame rail sides welded up the verticle distance I ended up with is 4 3/8 inches. That measurement is from the top of the main rail (horizontal) to the top of the last end piece (horizontal).

You guys think i'm ok? Can any of you who have a raked frame and who have posted side views of your car on the forum take a measurement on yours so I have something to compare it to? It's a lot to ask but I don't want to make a mistake with the stance of the vehicle. It looks good mocked up but i'm still concerned.

Thanks guys.
Here is a rough sketch with the dimensions of my rear kick up. Maybe it will help.


And here is a picture of the real thing.


That means the verticle ditance like I mentioned is about 8 3/4" from top to top. Mine is 4 3/8. If your car sits level and I use a similar shock set-up as you my rear would be kicked up 4 3/8 inches more than yours (all things considered).

I noticed you also mounted the top of the coil over above the top side of the rail. If I didn't do that and made my mount in the center I would have even more kick-up.

HMMMM! That's a thinker, I need to go out in my garage and mock the beast up again.

Don't have any measurements handy, but these pictures might help a little.


This amount of kickup.............


Gave this kind of ride height in the back.


And this kind of kickup..........


Gave this kind of ride height in back.

I always liked the beach car.Awesome car.
Holy crap is my car gonna be high in the back. Even though your kick-up in the first photo is less than the second one your upper shock mount is above the rails. I think I might be OK. Has anybody built a car from Youngsters plans? My kick-up piece is 3 inches shorter than his. It should be something like 7 inches and mine is cut to 5.

I want some rake and I think i'm safe.....but still nervous:eek::eek::eek:

Mike if you'll notice the blue car is a Total car and the kick up is 7" outside and 6.250 inside dimention.I have a Total frame look at my picks to see how mine sites.
Thanks Rick, that helps!

I always liked the way your car sits. Looking at your photos it looks like your frame has a high stance overall. As I study it one way to change it is also the front end drop, what is the drop on your front axel?? Oh, as long as i'm being greedy with questions, what is your front and rear tire height???? Thanks again Rick, I almost got this figured out.

Mike tomorrow i will get that info to you.Now? i'm going to bed.
Rick, going to bed before 7:00PM, man, that just isn't right.


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