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Water Pump? Electric or Belt???


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I read all of the articles in this month's Street Rodder on Cooling. Unfortunately, I came away with more questions than answers.

My plan is to put a blown smal block Chevy in my T.

My questions are:

1.) Do you recommend an electric water pump or a belt driven water pump?
1a.) Why
1b) If you recommend an electric pump, which brand have you had good or bad luck with?

2.) SR spent a lot of pages on sensors to turn on the radiator fan, but as usual.... no recommendation.
2a.) What do you recommend for a new build?

Thanks for any feedback!!


I myself am running a belt driven water pump. Alot depends on what You are doing parades will heat one up. But most of it depends on proper radiator sizing.
I run all the stock stuff, water pump (small pulley) and a flex fan off the water pump with a spacer, I found that you need as big a fan as you can get behind your Radiator, I feel that the engine works a lot better than any elictric fans, so if you are building from scratch, no problem getting all the spacing correct, and blown SB is the same size as a stock BBC, not a blown BBC as they are longer again... If you look at my pics, you will see that the engine does it all, and for the street that is best in my eyes. Now for the strip, elect, stuff is much lighter, and you are only going 1/4 mile at a time.. :)

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