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We finally fired up my Sons hot rod!


Last night after four years of a lot of hard work and sweat on the part of my Son, we finally got to start his engine for the first time. He is on cloud 9. :D It's a 464 CI Olds with lots of good stuff inside, so I felt it would be a strong engine, but he was worried the idle would be too tame. His Brother has a 5.0 Mustang engine in his T bucket with an X303 cam in it, and Dan was worried his Brothers car would sound nastier. I don't think he has any worries..........turn up your speakers and see what you think.:)

The first video is with open headers, the second one with the baffles installed. Not much difference really.
[ame="[media=youtube]eq2IHg-QE34[/media]"]YouTube - RPU fired up! 1 010[/ame]

[ame="[media=youtube]6T_1ZUbRCGc[/media]"]YouTube - RPU fired up! 1 007[/ame]

Sweet, that sounds great Don. He doesn't have any thing to worry about.
Yet another one of you guys hotrods I want to see..

Been following your sons build on the hamb, that thing is going to be a beauty..

Can't wait to see it..
Neat, little quieter, has more of a lope to it, is it warmed up more in the second video?.
Definate difference in tone. As I have said before, I would kill for a shop or work area. Chassis is outstanding, would like to see the detail work.
When will the body be back on and driveable?

i won't say keep up the good work. With you guys, it is a given. Can't wait to see it on the road, John.
For me "built" engines have one drawback. I can waste a tank of fuel listening to the idle! What is the CR on your motor? Carbaration is crisp, well done!
Thanks guys, I'm really proud of the work he has done on it..........I guess that shows. :eek::)

John, it was the same temp in both videos, but the baffles just give it a "different" tone........not necessarily quieter, but just a different pitch or something. Maybe outside it will sound less noisy. As for the body, it isn't going to need a lot to get it ready for paint. It's a Brookville 30-31 body and bed, and they are pretty good as they come. Biggest problem is finding a good shop to spray here in Ft Myers. We considered doing it ourselves, but don't have a booth, and it is one thing to paint something like a frame or rear end, but a body really needs a clean booth to do it right.

Just for fun: The compression should end up in the 9:5 range. I did something different on this one, I advanced the cam 4 degrees. I normally go straight up, but I figured I would try it and see what it does for bottom end. He will never need top end as he won't be racing it, so I thought the seat of the pants feel would be more important. Dan has no idea how strong these Olds engines pull, he's in for a treat!:lol: His Brother had this tripower carb setup on a 65 Jetstar convertible years ago, with a mild 455. I borrowed the car one day and when I came out of a toll booth I kicked the trips in and it shocked the h*** out of me, that big convertible could haul. In this lighter car with lots more mods it should be fun to drive.

Your going to be surprised what that 4 degree button is going to add to the bottem end! Got an old roundy track solid flat tappet cam in mine on 103 centers. With a single plane manifold (very small pendelum and runners) car was on the uncontrolable from the start. Went to a "E" series edlebrock with a 1 inch spacer and all is very well. It's a fine line between carrying the left front and going up in smoke but it a GAS when you do hit it. Not sure little brother is going to want a second helping of that Olds!!

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