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We just keep growing


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Back on 3 January, we had some 23,900 posts. Today, we're going to top the 40,000 mark.

Unless you all develop lock-jaw, that is. :)

It seems so amazing that it could take 27 months to amass 24,000 posts yet we've added 16,000 more in just shy of 6 months.
Congradulations, you can only thank yourself Mike because you had a dream... you should give yourself an atta-boy!!!!
Yes THANK you Mike. Also when will you post our June goal? It is time to start working on it.
:thumbsup: Thanks for keeping it going Mike. I know you have a full plate and it can't be easy for you sometimes. :clap:
You are my HERO Mike. Congradulations on a great site.

I've been a member for 28 hours and I wish I would have visited this site a year earlier to get some questions answered in the world of T-bucketing...(versus learning through many trials and many errors).

Awesome job putting this site together and allowing us the ability to communicate with people that have a wealth of knowledge to share. Thank you!
Thanks, Mike!!! Fabulous job. :lol::hooray::lol:
a big ole thanks mike for all you do and remember you can forget what you do for a living when you get your knees in the breeze--:)
The growth of the forum is down to all of you. I have had very little to do with that at all.

I had been watching numbers sag a bit this month. I figure the nice weather has had people outside, rather than sitting in front of a keyboard. In the last two days, our traffic has soared. The server has been hammered with record numbers. And I'm not talking about barely breaking records, I'm talking about 12% better than we've ever seen. :eek:

I am using RSS to post a couple of forum posts to a Twitter account every few hours and the links popping up on Twitter have really been bringing in some additional traffic. Hopefully, we will be able to convert some guests into members.

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