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Welcome Our Newest T-Bucket Forums Sponsor


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Join me in welcoming our newest forum sponsor, California Custom Roadsters! :thumb:

Jerry a.k.a. RESINATOR is working on putting an ad image together and I'll get that added as soon as he gets it to me.

If anyone has any questions for the people at California Custom Roadsters, this is the place to post them.
I have 2 CCR T-buckets, and can't say enough good things about Jerry and Diane. Welcome to both of you.

Welcome to one of the most visited bucket sites.Probably the busiest
Cool. My CCR bucket hopefully will be on the road next summer. Welcome!!!
Nothing but great things to say about CCR! Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the sight I have heard great things about CCR
I noticed the logo a few weeks ago but I never thought to post over her till tonight. Welcome aboard and thanks for helping out on the site.

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