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Welcome to Spirit Industries


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I want to take this opportunity to welcome a new forum advertiser - Spirit Industries.

Most of you will be familiar with Spirit Industries and their fine products but if you are not, we encourage you to visit their site.

Spirit is also responsible for organizing the legendary Buckethead Bash, which is scheduled to take place 15-19 July 2008, in Mountain Home, Arkansas.

Please take the time to visit these sites and we hope you will remember to support the companies that are helping support this forum.
Welcome Spirit and thanks for supporting us. Your company has been mentioned here many times. It seems you already have a good following here.

We are glad to be here. This site is doing a great job of promoting our hobby so what ever little we can do to help here we sure will try to do our best to do. Thanks again for having us!
Thanks, B.C.. You guys are right on. I'm looking forward to making it to your meet. It's going to be close, but I'm trying.
Best product out there. I have one.;)


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