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welding rear axel brackets

Francis Blake

Active Member
Welding distortes metal, so when welding the brackets on the rear axel how is distoration avoided? I can take it to Pete and Jakes, they said they can take care of it for me but I was wondering if there is any way a do it yourself guy can do this.
While I guess it can happen, as many rear ends as we have welded various brackets to we have never had a problem. We move around, doing some on one side and some on the other, and never concentrating too much heat, but we do get it hot enough to get good penetration.

I even welded the brackets on the 9 inch housing in my 27 about 20 years ago with an arc welder and in all the years I drove it I never had an axle bearing or other problem. My acid test is when I slide the axles into place for the final time, if they go right in all is good. :D

What Pete and Jake's do is weld all around the housing, I like to do this also, but I use a two piece bracket, just weld it together, when all is said and done, it knows no difference... Note; it is best to go all the way around, especially when using an early Chevy housing, as they are thinner material and it takes much less force to rip the brackets out of the housing, and when using a panard bar, that bracket needs to be wider at the welding area, and try and weld it close to a curved section, stronger that way... This is how I have done it over the years for best results. Ride safe :D
If your confident in your welding do it yourself.. Be way cheaper for sure.

Easiest way to do it is to stagger your welds, and stagger from one side to the other if you get my drift..

Weld about an inch on one side then go weld about an inch on the other side,then back to the other side.. I've never had a 9inch, or 10or12 bolt give me any problems... If your using a 10 or 12 bolt type rear I always weld the axle tubes 360 degrees.
9inch fords if its going to be in a nice T where the rear is exposed, or a hot drag car I'll weld the housing up solid and some I have retubed with a heavier wall tubing..
A lot of people will overlook those old axle tubes if they are pitted bad take caution, the older smooth housing 9inches can be quite thin to begin with, then you add in some pitting they can be near junk and in need of a retube...
Ok speaking of 9"ford rearends.I have one and wanted to use it in my T but as i have seen the rearend will not center on the frame with out cutting it and the cutting the axle too.Am i looking at this correctly?Before i spend any more time and money on bearings and seals i need to find out how to center this or get a different one.Ted do you have the bracket plans for the rear coil spring setup your running?
Thanks Guys
When i was in my Vega/V8 days, I'd use housings from early Mustangs. to center the pumpkin and shorten the axle, I used a second short axle. That gave me a little over 4" narrower housing.

Well as for welding rear housings and keeping the thing straight.If its tack welded in 4 spots the let cool before welding all the way around it will not pull out of alignment.I have welded a lot of material types as i have done it for 27 years beofore the plant closed do to wanting to get out of the business.The suits didnt want to get themselves dirty or have to deal with it. So they closed it (typical).
I just wish i had a tig welder and i may just get one.After all they make much cleaner welds.
I am building my first 27 roadster. 1st time out of the garage my rear axle rolled forward in the leaf spring saddles and put a bind in my rear U joint. I discovered the reason for the bind and leveled the differential, tightened the U Bolts and took it for a short run. Back in the garage and found that axle rolled slightly out of level again and I releveled. Tightened the U bolts with everything I had, have not tested it yet. Is that the answer or am I supposed to weld the spring saddles to the axle? or will that create new problems such as alignment. I know I can put ladder bars on but don't want to unless their needed. Any suggestions are appreciated and thanks for helping on my :neutral: lack of expertise.

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