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Well, after three years on the road, the T is finally painted...


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Whadda y'all think?



Really looks Good. When will it be installed? Or is there other work to be done?

Anyway, now you have to drop 25 lbs. and get a smoking hot 21 year old GF. If you haven't already.

Jealous, John
looks GREAT lee!!!! like the shadowed flame licks and the blue tips. you found a great painter.

RPM said:
I won't reconize the car now.:)

LOL, several people have said that Ron! I've been to a bunch of events in the last three years, so everybody recognizes the primer job. In fact, I've had folks come up and introduce themselves, saying they recognized the car from the T-bucket forums.

I'm really excited about the paint job. I haven't actually seen it in person yet, the painter just e-mailed me the pictures. Still needs color sanding and final clear coat.

OFJ, the car is completely blown apart right now. Besides paint, I had a whole list of stuff to do over the winter... some things I wanted to change after three years of driving, some stuff I didn't get done before throwing the car together to make the 2006 NTBA Nationals, and some stuff I short-cutted.

The first event I plan to take the T to is May 9... gonna hafta hustle to get it back together!! :eek:
OOOHH now that's HOT !!! :thumbsup:
WHOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA!!!!! Nice job. I'm gonna miss the way it was, but I love the change.
Now that is what I call a flame job! I have always been a fan of the "Hot Rod" style flames istead of the "Tribal" jobs that seem to be popular now. Flames make everything look better...LOL.
Stuff I'm doing to the T this winter (no particular order)...

- Install front shocks (RPM made the mounts)
- Glass in a trim tube around the steering column where it goes through the firewall and floor
- Mount a rock screen in the radiator shell (stainless #6 mesh from McMaster-Carr)
- Install a transmission temp sender
- Change out the '32 style dash for the CCR dash (wanted a different gauge layout
- Redo the windshield post mountings for better fit with the body
- Install reinforcement behind the dash to mount the column drop better
- Get body and radiator shell painted
- Install a battery disconnect
- Change out the fuel tank to make more room in the trunk for stuff (RPM made both tanks, I spec'ed the first one too big!)
- Fabricate a hinge and retention for the deck lid
- Finish grinding and polishing the Jag rearend parts for powder coating (maybe chrome if I can find enough time & energy to polish that much!! :mad:)
- Change out the wiring from EZ to Ron Francis
- Permanently mount the fuse panel and MSD box (were just laying on the floor!)
- Install a breather on the differential (mistakenly bought an unvented diff cover!)
- Reset TDC on the crank hub (guy helping me with the motor set it wrong)
- Add a canister type fuel filter between the tank and pump
- Change out the Holley fuel pump for a quieter one!!
- Change out the trans cooler for one with a fan
- Rebuild the Turbo 350 tranny, broken sprag (bad part from TCI)
- Install OOGAH horn :cool:
- Fab a cover for the hole the floor over the master cylinder to keep water out of the area under the seat
- Drill and install screws in the header turnouts to keep them from sliding back
- Change rear wheels for more back-spacing to get tires closer to the body (Jag rear installed last year, 5 inches wider than the previous axle)
- Change tail lights for flush mounts to get more room in the trunk
- Change out Dolphin gauges for Autometers, add trans temp and boost
- Repair Jag differential case where I accidently drilled through it when installing brake lines!! :eek:
- Mount a polished sheet of stainless on the firewall
- Install the permanent interior (have been using the Spirit seat insert on temporary basis)

Phew! Think I'll get it all done?
cool "bucket list" Lee!!

Whoever painted did a great job on the flames. T's are jard to get flames to look good on..

WOW!!! That is really looking good Lee!

Great paintjob can't wait to see the final project. Did I say final We all know a T is never done.

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