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What a great day


What a great day!!!! Saw some really nice Buckets at the St. Louis July 4th parade. My wife and I rode Segways in the parade; then went over to the Arch and watched the airshow. Get's better. After that headed over to Illinois and got to climb around inside the B25 Mitchell bomber that was in the airshow. Best of all, the bomber's pilot took me for a ride in his North American AT-6 Texan. Got to fly that plane for about half an hour; I've got a pilot's license so after he showed me a few things he let me take the controls. Flew by the Arch and took some pics. I flew a low pass over the airport before he landed the plane. Today made a 60 year old guy really happy.

Next year I'm going to drive my 27T in the parade with the NTBA guys that I met today. Ya'll have a happy 4th.

I would say you had a GREAT day for sure ! But to get to ride in a A-T 6 let alone take the stick You are living right !!
I think i would drive my 27 instead of the Segway.JMO got any cool pics?
It's like my Dad (may God keep and protect him) always said. "They can and will try to take everything away from you, all throughout your life. But the one thing they can never take away are your memories, so cherish them forever."

It sounds like you have some wonderful memories of the day.

But you better have some pictures, too! :gum: :sly:
It sure was a great day. Putz, I'll drive my 27T next year because for this year it is just a frame with axles and drive train. Body should be here on Tuesday along with most of the other parts I need to finish it. Gonna look like a car real soon.

Pics...yep, got lots of pics. I think my wife took over 200 during the day. Will put some in my gallery soon.

Hope you all have a nice 4th holiday.

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