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what a hike

:eek:There is NO freakin' way, I'm taking that walk! Missing railing, looks like a 200' drop, loose gravel on the path and MISSING sections!

I may be a coward, but I'm a live coward!:rolleyes:
I'm out on that walk:eek: Man, very cool view but I agree, no WAY IN HE!! would I be walking on the thin/broken concrete and the pipe, I am out!:eek:
No way in the world could you get me up there. :eek: I HATE heights and can't even get up on a tall ladder without getting light headed. When I used to go to someplace like New York on business I would have to close my eyes when I closed the drapes on my hotel room because I couldn't even look out the window if I was like on the 20th floor. :eek:

Pretty scenery though, very crazy stuff.

thats right up my alley. after falling a few dozen feet your already moving fast enough to moste likely die on impact, so 100 feet or 1000 feet of falling doesnt make any differance

vedauwoo (?) out in wyoming gets pretty tall in spots, turns out one of those high points we were exploring one day ended at a shear rock face

i would up hanging onto a lil sapling of a tree to peer down the cliff face, which was at best a 15* angle from vertical

kind of an odd feeling knowing you would only bounce a few times between where you are and where you would wind up if you slipped

i was hoping, if i fell, one of the cows grazing at the bottom would break my fall :rofl:

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