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What did I get myself into :-)


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One of our friends got this T bucket as collateral for a loan in 1978. Needless to say the loan was never paid back and the bucket sat for 34 years. Some time during its sleep, one of her sons decided to start to take it apart but never got anywhere. They finally sold the place where it was sitting and convinced my wife9051_673327499525_2008995540_n copy.jpg76284_673327783955_2048832383_n copy.jpg304406_673326970585_93662803_n copy.jpg485084_673327070385_1249039107_n copy.jpg550330_673326935655_356957667_n copy.jpg
9051_673327499525_2008995540_n copy.jpg76284_673327783955_2048832383_n copy.jpg304406_673326970585_93662803_n copy.jpg485084_673327070385_1249039107_n copy.jpg550330_673326935655_356957667_n copy.jpg I needed to fix it up. (its a freebie) Have done a few old trucks and a Mercedes Roadster and always wanted to do a hot rod so now I have my chance. I travel most of the time so this one will take a few years to get done but it should be a fun project. Now I need to figure out what I have so if anyone can identify things, I'd be thrilled to know! The car is in Hawaii and my wife has just moved it to a small warehouse we have, I'll get to see it first hand when I get back there around Christmas.
Rearend appears to be a '63 or '64 Corvette IRS. They had drum brakes.
Lots of old and unusual stuff there. Wishbones go under the frame and the frame looks like it might be an old original. Wonder if you have a 289 or 302? Probably a C-4 trans. A wash and air in the tires will make that thing look good.
It has a Ford engine! ... keep it and get it running!
Thanks all for the info. As I said I'll get a good shot at understanding what I have in December. Your tips will definitely help. (GAB, I did go on the net and do believe you are correct on the rear end) Around March or April I'll be able to move it to a garage we will have and then can start taking things apart. My plan would be to convert to disk brakes, add some nice fat back tires and all new wheels. Will also rebuild, repaint and rechrome everything I can to make it look real pretty! I'm sure I'll have lots of questions over the next few years so thanks in advance for the help.
Nothing wrong with your plan of attack, but I ususally like to get something like that running, as is, to see what has to fixed or changed and then make improvements as you stated at a casual pace.
good luck,
I'll definitely at least try to crank it up before the destruction begins. On my last truck which sad in a barn for 25 years before I got it we did just that by hotwiring the motor (rats had eaten all of the wires) and drove it around the block a few times before it came apart. (found out it had a bad transmission that caused it to be parked) On this one our friends say it was in good shape and running when it was parked, but no telling what 35 years has done!
Finally made it back to Hawaii and was able to inspect what I have. All of the parts including the top are there, just in varying states of surface corrosion or rot; everything repairable however. Has anyone herd of Uniques of Pomona Valley? (looks like they built it sometime in the mid 70's) I was surprised to see the automatic transmission. Can't find the engine number so have no clue what size it is. The steering seems to work great but not sure who's mechanism it is. Looks like all of the running gear was once chrome which is now all gone. I'm thinking replace with powder coat. After looking at it I think I'll leave the drums on the back and covert the front brakes to discs; any idea who made the front end? This will be years of fun and I believe a really neat car when its done. Sad that it sat for 34 years. (its last inspection sticker is 1978 which matches what I was told by our friend who gave me the car) Next challenge is to get a title in my name sometime next week. Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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I hope you can get a title. In some states you can apply for an abandon title, if it has been left and unclaimed for all that time and there is no report of theft and it was titled at one time maybe worth checking on.
The front axle is early Ford that has been dropped maybe 3 or 4 inches. The steering box is Ford Mustang. It would be interesting to find the history of the car - who built it, how many owners, did it ever appear at any shows or in any magazines, etc...:cool:
Title should not be a problem as our friend was listed as the lien holder and has the original. She's in the process of having it moved to her name so it can be signed over. Meangreen, thanks for the tips on the front end and steering box; I did some surfing on the net and confirmed you are right. I also pulled the starter the other day and figured out the motor so with the tips and the internet searching to confirm, I pretty much know what I have now: ford 302, C4 automatic transmission, 1963/64 Corvette IRS, early Ford Front end and original Mustang steering. Now all I really would like to figure out is the sheet metal original or reproduction, which I guess I may figure out when I start the grinding!:)

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