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What Gauge's ??


So what would be a good set of gauges Electric or Mechanical ??
I am leaning towards the SW Electric set ,,?
I also like the Auto Meter for the Ford Logo ,, :lol:
Any of the major brands are pretty good. However, Dolphin seems to get a lot of bad press and like they say, where there's smoke there's fire, so I'd be leery of them. I'd also suggest the electric ones over the mechanical. With the electric ones you don't have to worry about an oil line or water line breaking and messing up your interior.


P.S. I forgot to mention that ALL Classic's gauges are American made and they will make custom faces to your designs or theirs. I can speak first hand of the excellent service that they give on the custom work as I have them in my '37 Chevy.
Knock on wood i have Dolphins and no fire yet.I am pleased with there look and they work fine for me
Brand is up to what you like the looks of best, the electric are by far the easiest to hook up, and probably the cleanest, no extra hole in your firewall, etc. and yes, I have had an oil gauge leak on my carpets, I do not run carpets any more.. hehe for more reasons than that... everyday use kills them..
PS, If you are to use a vacuum gauge, which I believe is the most important gauge, you will need to run a 1/4" line for that... anything smaller then 1/4" will not give you a good reading...
Thanks Fellas
I have read the reports of the Dolphin They are really great looking but I want to do this once ,,That was the appeal of the electric gauges no more holes and nothing leaking ,I have had an oil line come loose under dash before and it is surprising how much oil can shoot through a 1/8 line ,,LOL
,,,,Going to order the gauge's first thing in the morning and then it's off to Vegas for a few day's,,,
Thanks again for the help
rooster57 said:
I like my VDO elect gauges.

+1 for VDO.

I've been running VDO Series 1 in my 46 for over 10 years. The electronic speedometer is dead on the money( after calibration) and easy to recalibrate for rear gear changes.

I also double checked the temp. gauge with a digital temp probe. It was also reading correctly.

I like them so much that I'm putting the exact same type in my T.

BTW I bought the set in my T off of EBAY and saved some money.

I went with all electronic gauges... the only thing I didn't like was the sending unit for the oil pressure gauge...


That is one ugly thing I did not want seen!

So, I hard tubed a line to under the car where I mounted the sending unit... then the wire runs back to the dash...

The line on the right is for the vacuum modulator and the one on the left goes to the sending unit..

Hard line any mechanical gauge and you're golden imho. I prefer AutoMeter mechanical gauges. All of our cars that have mechanical gauges are all hard lined.
I like these ...
Another vote against Dolphin and in favor of Autometer. I started out with Dolphins and tore them out after one season. Very cheesy, in my opinion. Went with Autometer Classic Chrome. US-made, great quality.

I have had terrible experience with Dolphin/EZ Wiring (same outfit) customer support. I would recommend they be avoided.
I wired my gauges the other night to install them tomorrow. Added a 9 pin molex to quick disconnect if needed.:cool:
I went to a swap meet today and since I saw the post on the VDO gauges, I found a full set of mechanical gauges for $200... I am a proud new owner:cry::):cry:
Good for you those will last a lifetime.

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