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Where ya been hidin?


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Hi all, just found ya, as I have been a member of a couple of other sites , someone was talkin about his bucket build and somebody else tells him to check out this site. So...I says to myself,...lets check it out too and here we are. Lookin good folks!
Anyway, my name is Trevor and I am a Canadian from the Kawartha Lakes area in south Ontario, I'm 62, retired since 2009 and doin lots of fishing with my older brother and a couple of friends but not ice fishing, never did like ice....period. I have a great wife of over 40 years marriage and 3 kids with lots of grandkids. One of my younger brothers is throwing around an idea of building a Factory Five 33 coupe and I do believe at this point in time it really is gonna happen. My other younger brother already has an early Ford that is his fair weather daily driver and its a 54 Ford crestline...I think. So...for a while now I been thinking about buying or building either a 5 window coupe or a bucket. Lately I have been leaning heavily in the bucket end of things and this means building not buying. What I want though, I am not sure I can achieve but...I sure as hell wont know until I at least give it my best shot. I will let ya know at a later date what my plans are but one thing is for certain...they include a flathead engine!
Thanks for letting me join!
Welcome from California. If you don't try you won't know if you can do it. Just ask all those "dumb" questions. Somebody will have the answer.

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