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Are Wilwoods worth the extra price? I know they're not as expensive as some brands out there, but they're more than I'm used to spending. Seems like good deals on them are hard to find.
I've got some on the front of my current ride and they work really well. 4 pot with vented discs.

Also fitting some to my new ride, depending on the style you're after they can also look great.

One thing nice about them is if you get the hubs, you can get any bolt pattern you want. It's not uncommon to see old Ford hubs go for $100 a pair these days and you still have to buy the bearings and seals. JM2C

Thanks for your feedback, guys. Pete, your set looks great. It looks like most everybody has the Wilwoods listed at the same price, but I guess has a 10% off storewide deal going on now. Jegs and Summit look to be the same price but without the % off. Any other sites I should check out? I'm hesitant to go the eBay/CraigsList route.
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brianbaute said:
...Any other sites I should check out? I'm hesitant to go the eBay/CraigsList route...

I myself have have had several bad experiences with some eBay sellers selling used parts as new, lousy or inaccurate descriptions, etc. So I myself would pay a little more to Summit or Jegs.... much better return policy too!
Nice set up you got there PeteT! That's exactly what I'm looking for too. I would like to run the same set up out back too. I realize that they cost some $$$. Anyone have suggestions on some comprable?
I bought mine through Speedway. I don't remember what I paid but it was 10 years ago so the price would be irrelevant today anyway. I liked them. No problems. I lost a dust cap once and Wilwood was very responsive and had a replacement to me in no time.
I had Willwoods on my T. Easy and simple setup. They are worth the money.

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