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Windshield post


Since TP is not around anymore where can you get a set of chrome straight short post? Spirit was suppose to have some back in Febuary and I really don't like the ones Speedway sells. Speedway said they will have the TP post sometime but don't know when. Anyone know about the ones CCR sells? They say they make their own but a guy here a while back ordered a set and they were TP. Thanks
Will CCR fit another body? I dont know . do you need a pic of CCR posts???
If you have a picture that will be great. I've got a Spirit body and I know TP post will fit. Just didn't know if CCR was using TP post or do they make their own. Thanks
They say they have them made but its funny TP goes out of buisness and no one has WS posts in stock makes you think TP was suppling them to every one.
It only has 2 bolts you can see them in this pic i think.
That's what I was thinking. If I had known this was going to happen I'd bought a plain set and look at producing them myself.
I would come up with a couple and get a quote on a sand mold and a pour. I bet a guy could sell some right now.
Thanks for the picture. That looks like TP post. If they are TP post they have a TP on the back side.
they are actually not that hard to make. fold a piece of 12ga. over a piece of 7/8" tubing and add 3 pices of 10ga. and viola ... posts!!!

if the market is that short right now ..... hummmmm

Viola?????? Youngster shazam, or Walah if your doing magic is more believable.:D:rofl::rofl::rofl:
ok Al ... i'll see what i can do after i get the '27 hiboy out of the shop... but then there is the auction piece, extending the model A bed, and a couple small project ahead of those in the shop. geez ... i retired to relax ... so much for that!!!

AH retirement is for those with nothin left to give!!!!!!!!!!!
Rooster chapter 3 verse 11
guess i need to get a copy of the book of rooster!!!!!

You mentioned there are only two holes for mounting, that is because you forgot to drill the other hole, they really NEED three bolts.. and yes you can make any posts fit any body, fiberglass body that is... tape the complete backside of the posts (outside too, to keep clean) sand the corners of the body where they will mount with 16 open coat paper on a block, clean and apply either mat or tiger hair to corner, push the post in tight to the body, (Note; if you have a windshield frame, bolt it to the posts first, as to get the correct width to the body) make sure the tilt is what you desire NOW, let dry, unbolt frame from posts, then pull the posts free from the body, you now have the correct shape for the posts, and this will also make your mounting a lot stronger than one not done this way, still use three (3) bolts (5/16 bumper type bolts) to hold post to the body.. pretty easy really... :D
I forgot to mention, when adding to the body in the post area, to fit them correctly and tight, it also may help to drill small holes through the glass in that area, so the new stuff will bond even tighter, I have had a few guys do this fitting all with a bondo type of body filler and no resin type products at all, done this way, still hanging on over many years :)

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