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Wiring harness


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I would like to rewire my bucket over the winter. 40 years ago when I built it I did a piece meal but workable job, it's lasted this long through many modifications. Now I want to upgrade the entire wiring system and was thinking of using a "Rebel Harness". I believe in supporting local business (their located in my state), reasonably priced (I'm retired) and claim to be 100% American made. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with their products and can give me either a yea or nay on their quality.

I've read through the entire electrical sub forum and see that Painless and American Wire are very popular here but they're a bit expensive for me.
I haven't used it, but it looks like one I would. Having the wires labeled every 6 inches is huge when the need for trouble shooting comes up.
Maybe I asked too soon, just before I posted here I sent the company an email asking about their kits. I got a very nice response back from one the the sales reps.

I'm sorry, but you would have to extend most of the wires to mount our fuse panel under the seat. We used to build a T-bucket kit, but found that they didn't sell well enough to keep them in production.
Again, sorry that I don't have what you need, but if I can help in any other way please let me know.

Glenn Snidle, Sales Rep
Rebel Wire
That is the problem with wire harnesses they are so universal by the time u r done their isnt much left of the 150.00 harness. I built a wood backplain board for the relays and solinoids,and one circuit at a time color coded and wired my car in about 2 weekends. i spent just under 100.00
I purchased a 8 cir kit for $124.95 for my T-bucket and it look really good.
the cables look to be long enough to do the car.
I also ordered a ground kit for $29.95 this way everything is grounded
I can't wait to start working on the car but it been raining in Florida almost everyday. and my car is in a hanger and the road is flooded so I cant get to my toy..:)

:cool: Laz
I've always done mine from scratch, but on my Son's bucket he bought a kit from Summit, I think made by Painless..............and it was anything BUT painless. Even though we have a fair amount of wiring experience, and my Son Dan did it for a living at one time, we still had to put our heads together and sort out some vague information in the instructions.

Dan is going to buy an American Autowire setup for his roadster because he thinks it is pretty good. Ron Francis also makes a nice kit.

I have wired a few from scratch but the last one we used the harness from Total Performance. It worked very well nicely labeled and wrapped in a way you basicly lay it out and most wires are right where they need to be.It does only have a few inline fuses right by the ignition switch.but covers lights,engine,horn,ect.even wires for wipers and third brake light.
I too have always wired from scratch. Tried a kit once and also found I had to add wire for my application. The destructions were also confusing. I'm gonna stick to scratch wiring. For me, it's cheaper in the long run.

I used the 12-circuit kit from EZ Wiring. It comes with the wires already attached to the fuse block, so you start with a big jumble of wires on the floor of you car. It made sorting and running the wires much more challenging than it needed to be. I'll be blowing my T apart this winter for paint (yeah, I know I said that last year :)) and will be re-wiring it. I'm going to use a kit where the wires aren't pre-attached (probably Ron Francis) and run the wires FROM the component TO the fuse block one at a time.
I used to wire cars from scratch starting with a honda civic fuse box it went pretty smooth but make a wiring diagram.
I used EZ-wiring and yes the wires are already connected but the wires should be long enough and their tech support is great.
I didn't like E-Z Wire cause your limited where and how you run your wires and there pre-terminated also i like to run the wires as i wish.I tried E-Z wire and ripped it out and gave it to a guy at work who is building a flattie powered bucket.For the money and tech help i like American Auto Wire.IMO
My (new) EZ Wiring horror story. Last weekend my radiator fan quit working. I pulled out the tester and found it wasn't getting power, so I went to the fuse block to check the fuse. Fuse is good (30 amp, original from EZ). So I pulled out the relay. Yep... burnt up. It's a 25 amp relay powering a 30 amp fan... duh! I had never looked at the ratings of the relays... shame on me. But also shame on EZ for using a 25 amp relay in a 30 amp fused circuit!! The fuse block is also damaged (melted plastic) a little at the relay plug, but it still works (I swapped the horn relay into the fan plug so I could go for a drive). I look at the relay to get a part number to replace it, no ID at all other than 12v/25a. I take it to Advance and of course, they can't look it up without a year/make/model of car. I go to my favorite O'Rielly where I know they have a couple of knowledgeable car guys. They look at it and say they've never seen one like it. They go back in their stock room to look at their stock of relays and come back 10 minutes later and say they can't find a match. So Monday morning I call EZ and get a recorded message saying they're busy, call back later. So I e-mail them asking for a part number for the relay for their standard 12-circuit kit. I get a response that afternoon from RSouza asking which one of their kits it's from. I tell him again it's their standard 12-circuit kit. Tuesday mid-morning he answers he needs a model number for the kit. I answer I threw the box away three years ago and don't know the number. I send him a digital photo of the fuse block and the relay. He says he'll have to "cross-reference" it and get back to me. That was last Tuesday afternoon. I haven't heard from him since, including two unanswered e-mails from me on Thursday and Friday.

Is it just me, or is it reasonable to expect a company to readily give you a part number for a replacement of a component of their product? I cannot say I am a fan of EZ Wiring.
I got alittle better service but not much.At american they called ME once to see if my problem was fixed.And there huge very easy to read scamatitic is great.
Rick said:
I didn't like E-Z Wire cause your limited where and how you run your wires and there pre-terminated also i like to run the wires as i wish.I tried E-Z wire and ripped it out and gave it to a guy at work who is building a flattie powered bucket.For the money and tech help i like American Auto Wire.IMO

Actually I like the fact the wires are pre-terminated at the fuse box.. as for how they ran the wires... I simply undid some of the wire bundles that ran fore and aft and regrouped the bundles as necessary for that project... worked fined...
Lee_in_KC said:
...I cannot say I am a fan of EZ Wiring...

I think buying from EZ-Wiring or Dolphin gauges is much like buying from a power seller on eBay... they have and sell a pretty good product for an attractive price and they sell lots of them... most of the time all is good... if not... then not really much customer support... sorry to hear your having a rough go of it... when you get the part #, post it will ya? I'm going to write that one down!
I like the fact that if you screw up and short out a wire or break the wire you can just unscrew it and put another one one it but different strokes.

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