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wobbly grill shell


I have a 27T with a chopped 32 grill shell mounted to the radiator and the whole thing feels wobbly. The radiator is only mounted to the frame by one 1/2 bolt on both sides and both radiator hoses are stainless flex lines. I was going to add support rods from the firewall to the radiator, but I see pics where there aren't support rods being used, anyone have pics of how there supporting the radiator with the rods? I was thinking about adding some sort of radiator frame to the car frame, but I thought that might look to bulky. I also thought about making both radiator hoses out of solid aluminum tubing, but don't know how much that would help because I would still need to use rubber hose ends to connect them.
when I ditched my support rods I built longer "feet" on the radiator mounts. 2 bolts on each side and the hoses make it solid.
While Some Builders use the hoses as supports for the radiator, I don't feel this is an altogether good idea, IN MY OPINION...
Best to have a good mount of some kind with some sort of Rubber or spring shock absorbing set up to keep the radiator from taking all the shock of the road.
Especially if your using those metal coil hoses, they don't like a lot of vibration, soon they start leaking, and then ya gots trouble.... "BH"
Yep, you need some form of support other than those two feet. Not only does is wobble, but it will eventually crack at those feet. Some use the rods to the firewall and some mount them from radiator to the frame somewhere. I have seen ones mounted to the engine but that isn't the best way as the engine imparts some shaking to the radiator as it runs.


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