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WriterDennis saying howdy all


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My name is Dennis Parks. Todd has posted some photos of my Track T and me on our maiden voyage around the subdivision. After three years of building, it was about time.

In my spare time, I write automotive how-to books for Motorbooks aka MBI. For more information about me or the Track T, please visit my website at

Welcome aboard! Next time I'm in the book store, I'll keep an eye out for your work. Nothing like checking a out a new book on hot rodding.

Nice website! :)
Hello Dennis,
I don't know if you remember me or not, I met you over at Don Cain's (KC Street Rods) a bunch of years ago. I came across this photo that you had sent me the other day while I was looking for something else and now here you are! Weird stuff happening. I've checked out your "How to Build a Cheap Hot Rod" but haven't bought it yet. Well done book, I'd recommend it. Good to see that you have joined this merry band of rodders.


George Barnes - Tubular Dynamics - K.C. MO
writerDennis said:
My name is Dennis Parks...

Well Dennis.... :)

Hope you hang around from time to time and enjoy the many great people on this great forum!

Can't give ya my usual spiel about posting pics cause Todd already did that, but you are certainly welcome to post more! :lol:

Nice looking ride you've got going... very nice.
:) to the sight,,,nice web sight of your own to ,,cool cars there for sure
Welcome to the site Dennis. It'll be interesting to read your input.

Glad you're here Dennis. Are you still picking bugs out of your teeth?
Welcome :)

looks like the the IQ just went up around here :cool::)


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