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Yes I am.....


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Ten years after....
Goin' home, my baby
Goin' home, my baby
Goin' home, to see my baby

Our baby, how good
My baby, be good
I'm goin' home, my baby
Home to see my girl

Oh baby, baby, I'm coming home
Baby, baby I'm coming home
Tell me Mama, baby, I'm coming home
Yes sir, AND, I did.....
I'm home now, gonna be having a someone come over everyday
to give injections for the next 14 days before I'm done...
Welcome back home Track T. :):D:thumbsup:
Did I read a brain fart in that post Track-T "" a someone"" umm I think they still call them a Nurse :),,musta been the Med's,,LOL
Welcome back
The King is back in his Castle. welcome home

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