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You guys have to check this out!


I had Ron (RPM) build me a new Axle, Radius Rod Brackets, Radius Rods, and Tie Rod for me... Just got it back from the chrome shop... You have to see how much more stout everything is!

Look at the difference on the front axles... The one Ron built is on top:

Now look at these Radius Rods... Again Big Beefy boys on top are from Ron...


As a side note... Thought you might be interested in these... Instead of the usual bushings... I ran Royal Needle bearings (one pair on both upper and lower spindle mounts) with stainless steel kingpin... this setup is butter! You can see the casing of the upper bearing around the kingpin.


Man... look at that axle... I think he built me a axle-bumper combo!

I'll update with a post when I get it all mounted up... :lol:
Very impressive front end. With the abuse these things take heavier is better. I've considered those needle bearing kingpin setups.......gonna have to try them next time I replace my kingpins.

Looks good in the chrome too.

Two things here;

Ron does nice work, We are fortunate To have him as a sponcer.

I'm so glad to see members here purchasing from RPM.

YEOW! Break out the freakin' shades!:cool: Great looks AND better performance! Who could ask for more!?:D
I'll tell you what I think as soosn as I get my breath back.........................WOW!!!

Awesome ride you got there. :)
G'Day Al,
Now that is one cool car mate, in the words of the backwards cap brigade, it's "Fooly Sic" :razz:


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