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2008 NTBA NATS Springfield Pics

Howdy Todd. Man I can't thank you enough for posting all the great pics. Really is a drag not being there.
Thanks for the hook up, T-Odd. Looks like a blast.
Really wanted to come. It is friday afternoon and 8 hour drive for show and shine 30% chance of rain.Friends also couldn't come share driving Thanks for the pics. Is that a sunroof in that top or is he really tall? Guess I will stay home and work on mine.

Here are all the pics in some kind of reverse chronological order

Flickr: uncleslacker15's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker14's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker13's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker12's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker11's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker10's Photostream

Flickr: uncleslacker9's Photostream

Flickr: glenntoddmullins3's Photostream

That's it. something like a thousand pics or so to enjoy... again from top to bottom they are in reverse chronological order... from end to beginning.

I do have the FULL SIZE images also (2848x2136) if there is a particular image you'd like a full size version of, just let me know and I'll try to get it to ya.

I only wish I had a pic of ME driving down the road... then I could print it out on our NEW 11x17 Color Inkjet Multifunction machine (top secret, not released to the public yet).
awsum pics T-Odd. I am suprised your camera dident break when it took my cars photo! Or at least my "Do not touch". Thanks!
2008 NTBA NATS Springfield Video

Pumkun (former NTBA President) posted this in You Tube... One of his kids shot it and gave it to him (great kids!)... video quality not all that great but it is so dang cool! Turn Up the Volume! :)


If you close your eyes... it almost sounds like planes!
2nd car, drivers arms flailing about... that's ME.

And here's the pic taken by my passenger


Colae, Katie, and Amy (the Punkun Patch)


At our destination (Barry, Ill) Punkun was presented with the 1st Prez T Bucket Mailbox Topper.



and my FAVORITE pic of the whole week I think


Live to DRIVE, Drive to FOOD!
The 2009 NTBA NATS will be in Lenoir, NC - going to be some nice cruising in the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Yes sir and my bride and I intend to be there at the '09 NATS in Lenoir good Lord willing and the river don't rise. Cruising the Blue Ridge Pkwy in a bucket, life can't get much better than that.:hooray:


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