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2014 Nats?


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I'm thinking of driving to the 2104 T-bucket Nats in Branson next June. Anyone else? It's 650 miles for me, but I'll have a copilot and we should do it in a long day. I went a few years ago and it's a good venue. Lotsa things to do and see, lotsa rooms close by. And hundreds of buckets and bucketheads.
I think we're going to make it to Mountain Home for the Nats. Hopefully we'll have the Purple Powder Pickup done by then. Either way we'll take at least two cars and hopefully caravan down with some other folks.
The Branson part of that week is not the "Nats". The three days of the Nats will be held in Mountain Home and start Thursday and end Saturday.....The Branson part is for the early folks that want to make it a full week.....I may or may not go to Branson I'm thinking about just going to MH starting around Tuesday but that is just my thoughts we will see a bit closer..............But I will be somewhere in that area for those two weeks......

I have booked a room in Mountain Home for the whole week. If there is something going on in Branson that we want to checkout, we jump in the T-Bucket, drive the 80 or so miles and return to Mountain Home for the evening ... thats my plan anyway.
I'm sure this info is around if I looked harder...but what is the dates of the 2014 Nat's? Is there a link with more info?
I plan on being at both the Branson and Mountain Home portions, with the new '26 Tudor. Maybe it will even have air by that time!
My wife and I are planning on make the trip to Mountain Home later this month. It’s our first time to make it to one of these.
Doesn't look like we're gonna make the nats. We've made good progress on the build, but need another month to button it up. New target is the MO mini-nats in Sept. We went last year and had a great time.
But Ben you are gona miss seeing me................Wait that may be a good thing........Sorry you got to miss the cruising.................

I think I may try to go just as a spectator. What would be the best day and location to go? I would like to go to the show and shine ,if there is one, to get some inspiration and take lots of pics for reference.
The host hotel is the Holiday Inn Express and that is where most of the buckets will be in Mt Home....Saturday is the show & Shine and I think it will be there close.......Come on over and enjoy a ride or two..Lots of neat cars to boot................

T not drivable yet but I will for sure be at the Branson portion as a spectator.......I live there. lol... Definitely plan to commute to Mtn Home also.

NOTE to all coming to Branson: I've got a fairly well equipped home shop that always has an open bay if anyone has any troubles that they need a indoor place to work in.

Admins: Do we have a method for members to contact me if they have trouble (other than posting phone # for all the world to see....there are still 3 or 4 telemarketers that don't have it yet)?
Yeah, a buddy and I have decided we are coming on Saturday. I want to look at some bodies and maybe try one on for size. Ron are you going to be there and if so will you have a stretch body there?
We don't have any problem posting phone numbers on this site. It is on every post I make.

Yeah Ron, but your number MAKES you money...mine costs me money. LOL

Anyway, if anybody has any troubles or needs any help, send me a TEXT. I normally don't answer my phone unless I recognize the #. Used the same # for too many years in business. I do respond to texts (1 wife, 2 daughters, and 3 grandchildren...gotta text) my cell # is 417-294-1074. If ya don't text, call me 2 or 3 times and curiosity will make me answer. Might be that long lost girlfriend. haha

On a side note.....I have ZERO influence with the local constabulary. We have several car events each year and they are usually incident free but they don't tolerate stupid. Drive accordingly.

We will be in Branson on Sunday or Monday,,,I drive an RV so I just decide when I wake up in the morning where to go next.....LOL...

We will be in Branson on Sunday or Monday,,,I drive an RV so I just decide when I wake up in the morning where to go next.....LOL...


You be funny Mike!! I know who decides where you'll go next!! She has always been in charge. Well maybe once in a while Angel will make a decision.

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