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2014 Nats?

Yep that Peggy Sue.......................
I won't have my T there, but I'll be in Mountain Home Friday afternoon through Sunday morning. This close to home, I had to go.
I'm going Saturday for the show and shine. Looking for ideas and looking to talk to people about their buckets.
You done us good Chief and it was a pleasure to meet you................

Thanks Mike, enjoyed meeting you too.

In fact, I enjoyed meeting everyone, and especially enjoyed all the cars. I learned a lot. There are some amazing craftsmen in this group.
I saw quite a few cars there that I recognized from here. There were a lot of extremely nice buckets and I have no complaints about the quality or quantity of cars there, but I was disappointed that there were no vendors at the show and shine. Were they there earlier in the week and I missed them? Most of the car shows I go to have vendors and or a swap meet. Anyway, it was good to get an up close look at some of the cars I have seen here and on other sites and I did get a few ideas. Overall I'm glad I made the trip, just not sure I would again.

Most of the National meet is all about seeing the "FAMILY" again, cruising and looking at some great cars.......The show & shine is not about what some one can sell you or try to convince you to build your car this way or is all about visiting with the Family and valve covers and did I say visiting/cruising.......We do not have the same kind of Nats others have because the cars are not like other cars.....

I am sorry the Nats did not live up to what you expected but please look again the buckets are what brings us together and the Family is why we do it.......I have been to the last 8 Nats and I meet new members through the help I give the NTBA and walking around the parking lot & on cruises during the week leading up to and during the Nats, this year I put almost 600 miles on my bucket and 1980 miles on the motor home...I will be going to Green Bay Wis next year...............I will get off my soap box now.........:thumbsup::thumbsup::whistling:

I forgot to sign it
Mike (lincolnut)

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