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'27 T Coupe Build


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Good morning folks. Here's an initial update on my '27 T Coupe project. For a couple of years I've been thinking about building a long wheelbase, fenderless '27 with a blown 392 hemi for least that was the dream. Well, it looks like I may be able to come close. Last summer I located a Fiberglass Coupe body. In January (right before they went out of business), I ordered a '27 frame and narrowed 9" rear end from Total Performance along with a center section from Speedway. More recently, I've obtained the rear suspension components and am saving up for the front suspension items. A couple of months ago I came across an opportunity to buy a professionally built, blown 427 Chevy for a good price, so I went for it. So much for the hemi dream, but I'm sure this will work just fine (and was cheaper!). Anyway....lots more to do and I'll keep plugging away over the summer. Attached are a couple of pics. Thanks.
Man thats gona be one sweet ride . I have a good friend of mine that has that car in the original steel car but blown SBC. My neighbor also has a steelbody same year with the 4 cyl iron duke. Both nice cars.
Cool Build :D thats gonna be a sweet ride.
Very Very kool. I've been thinking of building one. Where did you get the body and hows the leg room?
That's gonna be a "white knuckle" ride for sure!!! Very cool!!!!

That will put you back inthe seat when you hit the throttle the first time.Hopefully the seat doesn't get wet.NICE project
Thanks guys. Yep, it should be a pretty interesting ride when it's done. Leg room looks to be pretty good. Significantly better than my '23 T Roadster. I'm only 5' 7" but even at that, the '23 is a bit small. This one should be a lot better. I had been keeping my eyes open for a fiberglass body for quite a while. This one was made by a place called Cal Automotive back in the 70's and has never been actually made into a car. It showed up on Ebay along with a home built frame and some other pieces. I noticed the owner lived about 40 miles north of me. I made him an offer and we made a deal. Now it's in my garage and I'm slowly trying to sell off the pieces I don't need (the fenders are on Ebay as we speak) and buy the ones I do.
Way to go.

I bought a tupperware 26 T coupe at easter time and am working on getting it street legal. Its only got a mild 302w tho, as my bucket has enough power to meet my need for speed.

Theres pikkys of the bucket and the coupe in the Gallery.

White knuckles no way, brown underwear yes, definitely.. I have a blown bbc puting out 650HP in one of mine. Brown shorts everytime I start it, ha!!

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