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After a half dozen e-mails about not being able to leave pictures with my posts, your very capable WEB-Whatever decided my input was not needed here. Good Luck with that attitude..SEE YA ALL:rolleyes:

C'mon, let's tell it like it really is. If we're going to tell the story, let's tell it truthfully, OK?

After 3 or 4 e-mails, repeatedly asking exactly how you were trying to post images, all of which you rudely ignored, you left me a curt message, telling me you weren't going to participate here any longer. <shrug> That's OK with me, we make it a policy to not force anyone to visit this site.

But do me a favor and remind me of where I suggested your input was not needed here. Because I want to see where I said anything of the sort. I've kept copies of all the communication we had on this topic, so how about I post the content of the e-mails I've sent you?

Your repeated complaints about not being able to post images were all answered with requests for you to provide additional details. I asked you how you were trying to post the images and you never bothered to answer. So tell me, how was I supposed to help you? Bearing in mind I do not have a magic wand or a crystal ball.

Did you ever take the time to search the forums for a possible solution? Here are just a couple of explanations -

You get a boo-boo lip because you cannot provide details of what you were trying to do and that's my fault?

Lance, my car won't start. What's the problem with it? And don't you dare ask me for any details about the problem, because I am not going to answer you. Oh yeah, when you fail to tell me what the problem is, I'm going to get my back in the air and get spiteful with you.

Lance, I've been online for 27+ years. I've owned and moderated more forums than I can count. And the one thing that has remained constant throughout it all is the simple fact that some people are just not meant to be members of some forums. Which is why there are so many forums available to you.

I'm assuming you did manage to figure out how to log yourself out of this forum, so you no longer have any problems. And remember, no one will ever hold a gun to your head, demanding you come back to this site.

So, as I said to you in my last e-mail, take care of yourself. I do hope you find a forum where you will feel more comfortable.

For the record, I make it a habit to remove these types of farewell posts. I've never seen any need for all the drama. But it seems Lance needs his 15 minutes and there was also a need to shine the light of truth on his claim. So this one will remain.
i hate to see this happen but with the traffic through here i guess it's bound to. web has made a very good point. if you're having trouble, get in touch with him and you will be able to work through it.

i'm sure there are a lot of folks on the site like me that just know enough about their 'puter to stay out of trouble, or get into it. i would like to think that's the case here with Lansks1.

my point is work with web before you pull the plug on our beloved site. we don't want to lose any of our friends if it can be prevented. for those involved, i'm not trying to point a finger here. i just don't want to see this happen again if i can help it.

This comes from a technician that talks to people ALL DAY LONG that think that it's the end of the world when they cannot print or scan or fax or whatever they are having trouble with... and they sometimes get so frustrated that they are abusive to the one person that can resolve the issue - ME.

I never have taken it personally because I didn't break their machine... it's 99.9% the end user's fault and 0.1% of the time it's completey unexplainable... (just blame Windows Vista).

When you approach an issue calmly and politely you will most likey get the result faster and easier.

I always found it funny that a little old lady that just told me "I have no idea how to do any of this" can follow directions and resolve an issue in HALF the time it takes to fight with the head of the I.T. department that has multiple degrees and certifications and has been working on computers since before the wheel was invented. They'll fight you the whole time and try to stay three steps ahead of where you need them to be, they'll ALWAYS have a bad attitude and they are ALWAYS the longest calls.

Not saying that YOU have a bad attitde or anything, it's just Monday morning and I tend to type long posts on Monday morning for some reason.

Posting pics is easy for me, but I've been doing it for a long time. Every forum of which I am a member has a different way of doing it. No big deal it's all very similar.

You need to learn a few "tags" and you're done.

Take a deep breath and learn something new.
When it comes to navigating Web sites and Forums and I am having a problem. The first I realize is it isn't Windows Vista, it isn't the computer, it isn't the web site or forum, IT"S ME.
People forget that computers are really pretty stupied, They will do what you tell them to do really fast, even if it is wrong.
OOOOhhhhh That explains it for me Duke,,,,a computer make's me "Stupid Faster"""!!!!! :eek: I knew it I just knew it !!
As an administrator on another VBulletin forum I can understand both sides of the problem. I find that the biggest problem is that while the staff is more then willing to extend every bit of information and help the members confusion & frustration leads them to a place where they feel lost and forsaken.
And the academy award for best BOO BOO lip goes to================ Lance

I miss him already :boohoo:

Sorry i tend to pile on.

[ame="[media=youtube]LrllCZw8jiM[/media]"]YouTube - Stripes - Don't Call Me Francis[/ame]

It will be okay. Really.

PM me if ya need to. I'll tell how hard it can be.
Okay. Work it out and after this,we start Talkin' about T BUCKETS.

[ame="[media=youtube]qMEmz-A5sDw[/media]"]YouTube - Erotic Sexy Exercise - Fitness Corner[/ame]

Oh.... the redhead is to die for.:lol:
Lance, ya had a glitch and you're gonna bail? Come on, bro.

Oh, look at the vids and smile. We love ya. Stick around. We need ya.

[ame=[media=youtube]i2bk2GK36bM[/media] - Swedish Hotrod-Burnout[/ame]
I swear when that video ended I could smell burnt rubber coming from my computer
der Spieler said:
I swear when that video ended I could smell burnt rubber coming from my computer

Yahhhh huh!!??:lol:
I thought he was gonna blow them hydes. :lol:
Just to set the record straight -

Lance sent me an e-mail via the Contact Us link (rather than using the Support Forum) to say he was having problems with uploading pics.

(And I will be paraphrasing his comments to me, as I do not believe in sharing another person's private communications with others. My replies will be direct quotes from my replies to him.)

I responded by saying -

When you say upload, are you referring to the Photo Gallery? There is a limit on the gallery.
Lance then explained he was unable to leave pics with a post.

I responded by saying -

You're going to have to be more descriptive. How are you trying to 'leave' them with a post? Are you trying to insert them via the IMG tag, or are you trying to upload an attachment?
Lance's next e-mail simply said he was unable to leave descriptive pictures with his posts and he asked if he was over his quota.

Note he has yet to answer my questions as to exactly how he was trying to post his pictures.

I replied by saying -

Are you using IMG tags to display pictures?

Are you trying to insert pictures as attachments?

There is a difference and I need to know how you're trying to go about it, before I can check to see what the problem might be. Without knowing the details of the problem you're experiencing, it's impossible for me to duplicate them.
Lance then wrote me to say he was attempting to leave descriptive jpg photos with his posts, he was unable to do so and he did not understand what img tags were. He further explained this was why he had stopped participating on this site and since the procedure is not 'automatic' like on other sites, he would not be participating here.

I replied by saying -

OK, take care of yourself.
I count a total of FOUR messages, not the 'half-dozen' Lance alleged.

At no point in time did I ever suggest Lance's 'input was not needed here' as he alleged.

Every time Lance contacted me with his problem, I tried to find out what he was actually trying to do, but he ignored my requests for additional information.

And then Lance posts this thread, making me out to be the bad guy? :lol:

Yeah, I must be the bad guy. I am unable to read Lance's mind and I can't make photo uploads 'automatic' (whatever in the world that means), so I fully deserve him spitting blood at me.

This site cannot be all things to all people. None of the forum staff members can be all things to all people. I know this and fully accept it. And I'm not going to drive myself crazy, trying to be all things to all people. That means there will be individuals come here and end up leaving in disappointment. I'm sorry to see that happen, but I accept it is going to happen. People will come and people will go, just as in every other aspect of our lives. It's just part of the natural ebb and flow of life.

I really don't mind when people fabricate stories that are not necessarily true. However, when someone like Lance is fabricating stories about me, this site or my staff members, I am going to call them out.

Have a nice life Lance.
WELL Mr Webmaster it does not look like you tried very hard at all to solve Lances problem! I don't see why in the world you did not whip out that crystal ball and see what he was trying to do. Then take the magic wand and wave it a few times and fix his problem. I really think you could have tried harder. :lol::rofl::)

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