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a little unhappy.........

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OK, first off, let me just say, I am usually a very patient man........however.......... I have had a set of spindles on back-order since Feburary.:D just called them, looks like another 1-2 weeks:mad:

am I being unreasonable?? do I have the right to be upset??

how long would you wait for parts??

OK, I feel better now.
I know that Brian is a member of this forum, and I know stuff happens......but really............3 months???

Webmaster, feel free to delete this post, slap my wrist, whatever.

donsrods said:
Slow boat from China????? :D:lol:

What spindles are you looking to buy Vance?


I ordered a set back in Feb. to fit the Super Bell "Econoline" axle I bought from a fellow over on the other board you and I both frequent. also got spindles and drum brakes with the axle......unbeknownst to me........steering arms for econoline spindles are about as rare as hens teeth:mad:
so I opted for a set from TP, since they are built to fit my axle.
Brian told me they were at the foundry, and then would hafta be machined. no problem, figured maybe a month. called today, spoke with Pete, guess the machine shop dude is going on vacation next week, may get to them, may not.:lol:
I guess I'm just being impatient:eek:
also ordered the brackets and stuff for front disc brakes, that stuff is in-stock. but it doesn't do me any good without the spindles:eek:
I'm trying to remain positive, I have heard alot of good things about TP, and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I'm beginning to have my doubts now.............

I've gotten the opinion over the years that TP tends to keep it's inventory as low as possible. Not that this is a bad thing, probably smart business, but it does create some delays sometimes. It could be due to cash flow or cash management too.

We ran into the same thing when my Son ordered a '32 grille shell, insert, and Walker radiator from TP. It came in over three different times, and took some time to get it all together.

Vance, TP has some outlets, like in Daytona Beach, Florida. Maybe one of those places have it on the shelf? We had to get the grille insert from them because the first one that came in was mismarked and was the wrong size and the Connecticut location had none.

Just a thought.

They must be having supplier issues, I've been waiting two months for their pinion-mounted emergency brake kit. Believe some or all of it may have shipped out yesterday.
Coupe, I had a delay in a getting a part or two, but they did arrive. If I'm not mistaken, I think it was my front radius rods. Either way, I was upset, but what can you do? Also, in my case, the shipping from Conn. takes FIVE days to get to me!:eek:

Maybe you can call the Florida location and get a little help. My girl says when I get upset about not recieving my car stuff on time, it reminds her of a drug addict waiting for his dealer to show up.:D I told her she was silly. Hot rods aren't addictive. I've been into them for over 30 years and I can stop anytime I want.:lol:
tfeverfred said:
My girl says when I get upset about not recieving my car stuff on time, it reminds her of a drug addict waiting for his dealer to show up.:lol: I told her she was silly. Hot rods aren't addictive. I've been into them for over 30 years and I can stop anytime I want.:lol:

Come on Fred, you would put one in an IV if you could. :lol:
Since I work in the industry, I can give you some general ideas of what can cause these types of problems.

Problem number one is a problem I do not have to explain to you. Gasoline prices are causing the costs on everything to rise. People are losing their jobs, they are buried under the 'no money down' mortgages and car loans, utilities and groceries are going through the roof and everyone is clamping down on what little wallet they have left. We don't like doing it, but we all must prioritize our spending and things like mortgages, car payments, groceries, shoes for the children, etc. all come well ahead of things like custom cars and/or race cars.

So our customers are not spending what they once spent. Which means I am not stocking the inventory I once stocked. Which means my suppliers are feeling the same crunch and are making the same inventory decisions.

I sell our products to nearly all the major high-performance warehouses in the country. You know their names, you get their catalogs in the mail and you see their ads in the automotive publications. And the story we hear from all of them is the same - business is down as much as 30% - 40%.

I had conversation with Brian, a couple days back. And he mentioned they are feeling the same crunch. I'll not go into the details of the conversation, but they just took a couple of heavy blows below the belt. All because of the economic climate. Was this threatening to Total's continued existence? I am sure it was not. But when you get hit a couple times, you start flinching, because you know you can't keep taking the same hits.

Not a pretty picture, is it? Actually the really scary part is the problems are all very real and very much in our faces.

I realize none of this puts spindles in your hands. But you are not the only one that is upset by the back-order situation. We put food on our own tables when we sell products and turn a profit. When we cannot sell products, the profit goes away. If Brian should read this, I know he'll quickly agree that you cannot eat back-orders. They don't even make a decent broth. And nothing will boil my blood any faster than to make a sale and then not be able to get my hands on the product.

I hope your spindles will not be too much longer in arriving. Patience is not one of my own strong suits. ;)
Thanks everybody, I really do appreciate the replys.
I do understand, the economy is going to hell in a hand basket.
unlike some of you, I work in the Medical Profession, so "demand" and "supply" have different meanings to me. I, by no means, intend to slam TP or any body else. that never was my intent. patience will continue, I know Brian is doing his best. one day the C-cab will be drivable, one day.:cool:

OK....quick update......

I spoke with Rich, spindles should ship this week
I hope so.

Another update......spoke to Rich......guess the spindles ARE NOT gonna ship this week. next week ain't looking too good either.....SONOFA........:wall::wall::wall:

what the hell.....guess I can wait another 3 frickin' months.........

I'm tryin' to be positive here......really I am.....but its getting harder ever day:boohoo::boohoo::doh::doh::hand::hand::D:crap::D:cussing::)

At least you have someone besides your own self to blame! Some of us seem determined to cause out own delays!
Mike in ep
RPM said:
Sounds like time to ask for a refund and rethink that front axle and spindles. Early Ford or Chevy spindles, are pretty easy to come by and axles can be had for them.

I'm beginning to think you may be right Ron.

you know of anybody thats got an axle, spindles, and brake brackets layin' around??;)

I'm open to suggestions about now......guess I'm gonna hafta go a different route......TP isn't gonna come thru for me, even tho I paid up front 3 freakin' months ago:mad::mad: I hate to, since I already have the spring, radius rods, etc. guess I could buy a real axle that fits my spring, and has bosses for "readily available" spindles:confused: plus, prolly be easier to get brake parts disc brakes, etc.:D

butch27 said:
They used to ship me stuff in 3 or 4 days. What happened?

Its a loooonng story........seems the "foundry' has been dragging this out.
then its the machine shop.....then its........yada, yada, yada.

all I know is......I'm out almost $450.00, order was placed over 3 months ago, paid up front. the least they could do, IMHO, is ship the damn things free, don't ya think??
or, I may take RPM's advice, cancel the order, get a refund, and buy a REAL axle and spindle set up.

don't mean to be pissy, but seriously..... 3 MONTHS, and still no idea when I might get the parts. I know the economy sucks, but c'mon.....3 friggin' months!!!!
I guess its true......customer service is dead.:mad:

I'll wait till next week when the "general manager" gets back from his Aruba vacation, to see what we're gonna do. I'm getting extremely tired of platitudes and lip service:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Someplace I saw the Ford kingpin is slightly larger than the Econoline kingpin. Does anybody know if the camber is the same? Can the axle be redrilled to change to Ford? I currently have stock E-line with stock steering arms and want to get ackerman close and don't need the hassel of waiting for T.P spindles.
I have nothing on the Econo. king pins but the 37-41 king pins are .813 and the 49-54 chevy are .867 i thought the econo's were close to the chevy ones.But then again there i go thinking again.
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