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Another Front Axle Question...


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Sorry if this has been discussed to death already...

After looking at the axles from several different companies, it seems that TP is the only group that is making front axles out of 1-3/4" diameter by 1/4" wall tubing. Everyone else I looked at sells the 2" diameter by 1/4" wall front axles.

Are the 1-3/4" diameter axles not as safe? I can imagine the 2" diameter axle being stronger, but is it really needed? I remember Jim Kirby made his from both 2" and 1-3/4" diameter.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

On something as light as a T bucket or similar weight car, the 1.75 should be strong enough. But on a heavier car the 2 inch is preferable. To be honest, I am running a 1.75 axle on the front of my '39 Dodge truck, and am only using it because I had it and it is already setup for my suspension and all. But I keep looking at it and thinking it looks too spindly up there. My Son has offered me the front end from under his roadster pickup, because he has a chrome front end that will be installed when everything is done, but I really don't feel like going through all the work to change it over at this stage.


I didn't start using tube axles 'til abot 10 years ago. Before that I used Ford axles, still like that look. Those are 2" in cross section. Guess I just got used to that size up there.

I should have mentioned this earlier in my first post. But one of the reasons I brought this all up has to do with the spindle boss. It's a little easier and cleaner looking to weld the spindle boss to a 1-3/4" diameter axle than a 2". Especially if you don't have the "S" bend out on the ends.

My two pennies.


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