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Another new guy


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Supporting Member
Hey all. I just found this place while scouring the web for my next project. A little about me. 36 married with 2 kids. I am building an LS powered Corvette right now and restoring a convertible bug for my wife but my eyes are already looking for my next project. I helped my dad build a 23 T-bucket over the last few years and now I want one. I tried to get dad's but he isn't going for it.:)
So I'll be around here some while looking and asking some questions I'm sure. I have a 66 Chevy II 4 door that I'm in the process of selling to fund it and am looking for something that is just in rolling chassis. No engine, trans or the like. I enjoy the build part so I don't want one that is together already.
Anyway enough rambling, thanks for having me.

Here's a pic of my dad's bucket.
Thanks for the welcome guys. I painted that for him, I talked to him tonight he's going to sign up here as well.
Welcome to the site. Glad to have you here. Got a question? Ask it. Got some advice? Give it. That's the way it works here. You have just joined the brotherhood of bucket heads. Enjoy!!!

Tell your Dad we're waiting to greet him too.


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