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Apologies for the downtime


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The forum was unavailable this morning and indicating database issues. I logged into my hosting control panel to run a check on the database and none of the 6 databases were there. :eek:

I contacted the host's tech service and they managed to get us back up and running. Of course they could find nothing wrong. :lol: Pretty much the way it always goes with the majority of hosts. They never see a problem, yet the problems usually get fixed while they are not seeing it.

Anyway, we are running and that is the important part.
I just want to tell you I think you're doing great. Thanks for keeping the site running.

Yeah, what Ron said. Thanks :D
We were down for a while this morning, with the same issues that took us down last Wednesday. Enough is enough.

It's a long story that most of you would likely not understand, but suffice it to say we will soon be moving this site to a new host's servers.

We hope to be making this move within the next week to ten days. After the move, we should have a much faster forum with virtually no downtime. Unfortunately, our members will have to pay a price in the forum being down for 12-24 hours, as the DNS propagation process takes place. The new hosting is going to cost us a bit more money each year, but if we can have a faster and more reliable forum, the money will be well-spent.

We will keep everyone informed on all the details of the move, as we get closer to moving day.
Apologies for the brief downtime. We're now upgraded to the latest release of the vBulletin forum software.

We're still making progress toward moving this site to a new server and as those details start to flesh out a bit more, we'll let everyone know.
Where does the money for the server come from? I have never paid any dews (did I get overlooked or did you check me checking balance)? I visit this site quite often and will pay if you need me to. Thanks for your hard work and the best site on the net!
I imagine that most of the cost comes from the sponsors of the board ORF. like Spirit, RPM, and Low Roller Chevy. I suppose the Webmaster wouldn't turn down any donation, but it also helps to support those who support us. Let them know you seen them on the site!
Yogi is absolutely correct. We want to encourage our members to visit our sponsors' sites and to do business with them, whenever possible. The revenue derived from the advertising they purchase helps to offset the expense of the forum operation.

In other words, support those that are supporting your forum.

Again, I am in the position of offering apologies for the brief downtime we experienced this morning. Please see this announcement for more information. We're getting closer to leaving the problems behind.
The incessant downtime issues are now a thing of the past. The server this site is now running on also serves two of our other forums and the stats on it are excellent. Server loads are now less than 6% of what they were on the old host's server. I'm not going to jinx the server uptime by telling everyone how good it is, but you can pretty much depend on the forum being here whenever you want to visit.

We want to thank all of you for being so patient as we worked our way through the server move. You guys are top-shelf, all of you.

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