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Apologies for the downtime


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I apologize for the brief bit of downtime we experienced this morning. We upgraded the forum to the latest version and had to shut things down for about 30 minutes to upload the files, run the upgrade and edit all the modified templates.

Welcome to vBulletin 3.8.0!
Al, I think he was talking about the 'puter.........not............

The 'puter probably slept through it too. I was out cold, dreaming about getting stuff done in my shop.
We were down for a few minutes this morning, to perform another upgrade. Apologies for any inconvenience we may have caused.
Keeper said:
lol...I was in the middle of posting. Typed it all up clicked submit and got the "Upgrading" message.
:eek: Sorry.

If you ever run into a situation like that again, click on the back arrow. That should return you to the page with the text entry window. Highlight the text, copy it and then you have it all ready to go, as soon as the forum lights back up.
We were down for a few minutes this morning, to perform another software upgrade. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
We've also just added a new script that should give you noticeably lower page load times. The script caches some data on the fly and also helps remove load from the server, which will also increase speed.

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