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The e-mail address you've registered with has bounced the confirmation e-mail.

This can be down to several things - the account you supplied does not exist, the domain itself does not exist, you have this domain blacklisted, etc.

Whatever the problem might be, without being able to receive an e-mail from this domain, you are never going to be able to complete the balance of your account registration and you will not have any forum privileges.
What amazes me about this response, is the concern you have, and the time you take for someone trying to join. Most list administrators would just ignore it, and let their attempt fall into the abyss.

My two pennies.

Actually I was just posting the information before I got an e-mail from BEANPWRDT, wondering why he couldn't post.

BEANPWRDT, from the looks of your location, I'm guessing you entered the domain of your e-mail address incorrectly.

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