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Been Lurkin'


New Member
Hey everyone. Been lurkin' for a while and wanted to ask some questions, so I figured I would intro myself. I live in eastern NC and have always liked buckets, but with a twist. Guess I grew up on too much Barris. Anyway, I am planning and gathering for my Hot Rod project. It is a little different, but twenty-five years from now, it my seem tame. It is a 87 Suxuki Samurai. It will look something like the photoshop pic below when finished. So here is my question for now.

What should I expect to pay for a complete used straight axel frontend, and what are some sources on the web or near me for a used one?

Thanks in advance.
:welxome:Good to have a fellow Tarheel on the board here. We have a long way to go to out number Texans, but we can try!

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