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"Black Dahlia"

Good to see you made it back and making progress!
Hey, Fred - Are you staying dry? Wouldn't want that new mill to get dunked!

Any updates Fred?

Fred has dropped off the radar screen, not only here but on other forums where he posted. He had some health issues, including a mild stroke in 2017 I believe and a broken shoulder last year. In this case, no news isn't good news I'm afraid. If anybody hears anything, please let us know. Lots of us liked his presence on the board, and enjoyed his build thread. Fred, if you're out there, we miss you!
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i tried calling fred but no returns. the address i was given goes to a auto repair shop. i don't want to bug him and from the message i left for him, he knows we are all worried about him. hope he pops in. his avatar has been changed on the white meat site, but not sure he did it..

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