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Supporting Member
My Brother passed away this AM about 1:30. Long hard fight with cancer for about 8 yrs. Had talked about him earlier this year and was seeing him often. I was the last person he called asking for help, but know that he was hallucinating from the morphine and other drugs for the pain. I will assurredly miss my best friend and Brother. Bruce
My condolences and prayers for the family.
My thoughts are with you . My Dad had three boughts of cancer in 9 months and said he was not going through Chemo and radiation a third time in less than one year. So we let him go to become an angel and watch over My mom and us Kids. I am actually putting a radon removal system in My moms house tomorrow. She thinks the radon could have caused his cancer. Praying for people fighting cancer always and for the families of those fighting it.Sorry so long winded.

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