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So i posted a little about myself in the introduction heres a little about my car....

The body is a cut down 1918-1922 Ford touring.I found it while talking to a guy that was selling some early Ford parts at a local swap.He mentioned he had a body and a simple frame back at his house in Lodi,Ca....heres what i picked up from him.

After i got it home,i started to collect some of the stuff i was going to need to put this thing on the road.Pretty standard stuff as far as these things go.'40 spindles and brakes,'37 axle,'46 split bones,ect.Now it was mock up time to get an idea what i was working with...


Next up was the installation of the front and rear suspensions.Up from we have a suicide setup with the Model A spring attaching to the split bones(true suicide style)Since i wanted the car as low as possible without z-ing the front of the frame,you will notice that the wishbones mount above the frame..


heres a look at the front perch...

For the rear,i started with a rear end(free)out of an '80 Regal.The rear got a little different style perch than the front.Her a front Model A spring was used to mount up the homemade ladder bars to the rear end...



For the steering and brakes,i bought a new reversed Corvair box and a frame mount m.c./pedal assembly from Speedway...hooked up nice and easy with a few mods...


Now i have a rolling chassis.I couldn't leave the stuff bare for too long,so a quick rattle can job of contrasting gloss and flat black were shot...



I'm not sure why it didnt post,but heres the rear setup.Model A front spring connected to homemade ladder bars...


As you probably noticed from the above pics,i will be running Chevy power.I picked up a running/driving 307 SBC/TH350 combo out of a '69 Camero..ran real strong and was rebuilt about 10,000 miles ago.It should get this thing moving pretty good...


Heres a few pics with the body in place.Next up i will be mounting the radiator and running the tranny lines.Then the very short drive shaft will be made and fuel lines ran to the '30 Chevy gastank....



Check out the custom copper brake light a buddy made...

Well there you have progress so far.The plan is to have it done for the Memorial Day show down in Santa Maria(formerly Paso)...fingers crossed,wish me luck:D
Man, that's some great work! I really dig where you're going with it. REALLY nice. It's always a treat to see gennie tin T Bucket. Let us know how she scoots!

I missed your intro because I got caught up in your build. So, welcome to the forum! Glad to have you aboard!
Thanks for all the kind words fella's.I have a question for you guys..What kind of radiators are you guys using with the sbc/th350 combo's?I don't want to run an external trans. cooler so i'm looking for something with one built in.I have been looking at one Speedway has.(universal alum./with cooler)The dimensions(18"across x 26"high)look to be a good fit in the "A" shell i'm using,but the price($280)is a little more than what i wanna spend.Is there anything i can get at the local Wrecking yard that may fit more into my budget?I know $280 isn't that bad as far as alum. radiators go,but i'm looking to keep the cost down.Thanks for any help...
its got to be a super t when finished and great pics, keep um commin. what clearance do u have from bellhousing and the ground? again super mike
Have you checked out the radiators in '64 to '66 Mustangs? I've read where guys are using them. You can get 'em at AutoZone for about $100. Check it out. Have 'em pull one and measure it, but I know I have read guys use 'em with Model a shells and they fit great.
Here's what the guy wrote and here's a pic of his setup. Looks good to me. Makes me wish I would have checked before I had gotten my radiator. I paid $304 and thought I got a deal!:eek:

"Bought mine from Autozone($125.00),its an item they keep in stock the counter guy told me.
Has worked perfect for me.
Always around 175 degrees.

yes, the mustang radiator fits right inside a standard width shell and cools a mild built motor quite well. i have used them in all my cars including the race cars. my brothers t, with sbf, won't even get to 180 so he runs it the whole time we are in the staging lanes until we run and it barely gets to 180 at the end of the track. then all he does is turn on the electric fan and the temp drops back down under 170.
love the rear set up if you dont mind i will try to copy it for my own project also making note of the mustang rad thanks this site is loads of help in planing my build :lol:
I got this off another site. Haven't tried it yet but sounds like it might be an option. It's a radiator for a Ford tractor - 5000-6600 model - part number C7NN8005E. He said it fit perfectly in a Model A shell. I checked on e-bay and they go for $100 to $150. Has anyone else heard of this?
wheelin3 said:
love the rear set up if you dont mind i will try to copy it for my own project also making note of the mustang rad thanks this site is loads of help in planing my build :D

This is exactly why the internet sometimes is a bad thing.Why would you copy someone elses work for your own project?Put on the old thinking cap and come up with your own idea's.If everyone copied other peoples work,this would be very boring in my estimation.Individuality is what makes the hobbie of Hot Rodding fun...:D

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